( Season 6 )
From the changing rooms of the swimming pool where they train, Romy and Orson, two disabled swimmers, share their vision of the world, a vision tainted with humour and self-deprecation.

Directed by: Vincent Burgevin, Franck Lebon, Fabrice Chanut, Patrick Braoudé, Patrice Leconte, Nils Tavernier (France, season 6, 2016)
Cast: Adda Abdelli (Romy), Alexandre Philip (Orson), Anaïs Fabre (Caro), Luc Rodriguez (Ramirez), Josef Schovanec (Josef), Olivier Pleindoux (William), Philippe Sivy (Rolland), Fabrice Chanut (Ludovic), Yanik Vabre (Olivier), Cyril Missonnier (Dimitri)
Genre: comedy