Le complot


( Season 1 )
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Le complot
26 min
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The plot

Richard Bouma forces Towa to join him in his drug trafficking activities. Following a conversation with his adopted father Kamga, Bilounga begins to have feelings of remorse and tries to stop the plot being fomented with Tsama. Meanwhile, David and Maya make their relationship official.

Directed by: Simon William Kum (Cameroon, season 1, 2022)
Screenplay by: Bernard Noubissi
Cast: Angèle Kamdom Teguia (Maya Feussi), Joe Richard Pook (David Bouma), Soul Mouliom Mama (Victor Kamga), Benjamin Eyaga (Marc Abena), Nelson Talonla (John Bouma), Jean-Claude Sutchou (Richard Bouma), Simon William Kum (William Feussi), Édith Moukam (Adama Bouma), Colette Ombes (Jacqueline Tsama), Hawa Karish (Ndome), Estelle Wainguy (Ebone), Maryline Evengue (Maite Abena), Bernard Noubissi (Charles Edimo)
Genre: drama
Awards: Best series (Tomboka 2022, Cicao Benin 2022), official selection (Fespaco 2023, Vues d'Afrique 2023, Écrans Noirs 2022)