( Season 3 )
Léa Soler and Paul Marchal are two gendarmerie officers, but also two exes with serious differences, now forced to work together!


Episode 11: The way of the Templars

The body of a man dressed as a Templar is discovered at the foot of a tower. A fall is excluded: the victim's trampled fingers confirm it as murder. Marco Salieri, a tourist guide passionate about the Middle Ages, was about to marry the daughter of an eminent mediaevalist...

Directed by: Octave Raspail (season 3, France, 2019)
Screenplay: Anthony Maugendre, Laurent Vachaud
Episode 12: Gripped by fear

Former victim of domestic violence, Céline Ducourneau is found comatose on her terrace. With her ex-husband in prison, Léa concludes it was an accident and prepares to close the file. But then she recognises a face amongst Céline's visitors, someone from the past, a dangerous man known for his violence...

Directed by: Jason Roffé (season 3, France, 2019)
Screenplay: Thomas Boullé