Pour toi Flora

( Season 1 )
A painful legacy of Quebec's history, the indigenous boarding schools were state-financed religious establishments intended to eradicate the First Nation culture. A brother and sister of anishinaabe origin grew up there in the 1960s. Through the different periods of their lives, they try to come to terms with the past.

Directed by: Sonia Bonspille Boileau (Canada, 2022)
Cast: Dominique Pétin (Mrs Turcotte), Marco Collin (Mr Dumont), Virginie Fortin (Julianne), Samian (Jean-Charles), Antoine Pilon (Antoine), Théodore Pellerin (Brother Thibodeau), Kathia Rock (Odile), Iannicko N'Doua (Pascal), Sara Rankin Kistabish (Wabikoni), Russell Flamand (Kiwedin)
Genre: drama