( Season 2 )
Samy becomes parliamentary assistant to Valentine Cantel, an ambitious newly-elected MEP. Between an intern first in his class who overshadows him, a new girlfriend and Rose's return, Samy has to do a juggling act between his values, his work and his love life.

Directed by: Émilie Noblet, Jérémie Sein (season 2, France/Belgium/Germany, 2021)
Screenplay: Noé Debré, Lily Lambert, Pierre Dorac, Maxime Calligaro
Cast: Xavier Lacaille (Samy), Liz Kingsman (Rose), Philippe Duquesne (Michel Specklin), Lucas Englander (Torsten), William Nadylam (Eamon), Niccolo Senni (Guido), Georgia Scalliet (Valentine), Anaïs Parello (Lydia), Elina Löwensohn (Carmen)