Nouvelle chance ?

Les secrets de l'amour

( Season 1 )
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Nouvelle chance ?
26 min
A new chance?

Threatened by Fred, Kenza finally admits she slept with James. After a string of failures, Kimberley no longer has confidence in Greg and Brian and looks for another henchman.

Director: Benjamin Eyaga (Cameroun, season 1, 2021)
With: Benjamin Eyaga (Billy Manga), Passy Ngah (Mélanie Balomog), Marie-Inès Ayonga (Kimberley Essono), Timoléon Boyoguenou (Daniel Manga), Rigobert Tamwa (James Kilembe), Kareyce Fotso (Kenza Diengdam), Sandrine Dzinguene (Rebecca Banengo), Aline Komtchou (Allison Kilembe), Patrick Oyono (Jason Simo), Henri Matip (Brian), Francis Tene K. (Greg)
Genre: comedy drama
Awards: official selection (Vues d'Afrique 2021, Fespaco 2021, Écrans Noirs 2021, Cannes 2021)