Faites des gosses

( Season 1 )
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Épisode 3
52 min
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Episode 3

Alexandre is distressed by discovering his mother's secret. Serge and Anissa have settled their disagreement but their respective daughters are now against them and put their relationship in danger once more. Facing an uncertain future, Meï and Chang don't seem to be able to agree about anything...

Directed by: Philippe Lefebvre (France, 2019)
Screenplay: Diane Clavier, Samantha Mazeras
Cast: Fred Testot (Serge), Armelle Chahbi (Anissa), Linh-Dan Pham (Meï), Maurice Cheng (Chang), Constance Dollé (Odile), Philippe Lefebvre (Alexandre), Éva Darlan (Claudine), Jonathan Lambert (Clément), Éléna Plonka (Brune), Cassiopée Mayance (Anouk), Alexis Baudry (Jean-Paul), Luna Lou (Violette), Achille Potier (Armand), Nicolas Lecolley (Matthieu), François Vincentelli (Arnaud Vapali)
Genre: comedy