Une vraie mère biodrologique

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( Season 3 )
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Une vraie mère biodrologique
24 min
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Episode 4: A real biodrollical mother

Mathieu finds himself at the hospital, his daughter Mégane had too much to drink the night before. His publisher announces that his book is selling really well. But he needs to keep focused: today Jojo will finally meet her little girl again, the one who'd been stolen from her.

Directed by: Éric Piccoli (season 3, Canada, 2019)
Screenplay: Michel Duchesne, Éric Piccoli
Cast: Emmanuel Schwartz (Mathieu), Luc Senay (Hautcoeur), Ève Duranceau (Sophie), Denis Houle (Conrad), Sandrine Bisson (Jojo), Ariane Castellanos (Cindy), Johanne Fontaine (Pauline), Pierre-Luc Lafontaine (Pete), Catherine St-Laurent (Lyzane), Abdelghafour Elaaziz (Élias), Simone Marchand (Mégane), Louise Bombardier (Mina), Raphaël Lacaille (Kévin)
Genre: drama