Double je

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Dans la peau
52 min
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Episode 4: Under the skin

A young tattoo artist is found hanging, but her death leaves the two police officers perplexed. Déa doesn't believe it was suicide but the pathologist can't determine whether or not it is in fact a perfect crime. The victim's past holds a few surprises in store for the investigators...

Directed by: Laurent Dussaux (France, 2019)
Screenplay: Camille Pouzol, Benjamin Adam
Cast: Carole Weyers (Déa Versini), François Vincentelli (Jimmy), Ambroise Michel (Matthieu Delcourt), Bruno Gouery (Fred Jolin), Fleur Geffrier (Jeanne Granger), Pierre Laplace (Xavier Fremont), Bastien Bernini (Damien), François Dunoyer (Massimo Versini)
Genre: detective
Awards: best actress (Carole Weyers), 2019 Séries Mania festival