Capitaine Marleau

( Season 1 )
The investigations of the formidable if eccentric Inspector Marleau, played by the French actress Corinne Masiero. A series directed by Josée Dayan
Chargement du lecteur...


Au nom du fils
In the name of the son

A train driver is found dead. Five years earlier, he had caused the death of a teenager in a car accident. A revenge killing? Marleau suspects Father Damien; not only does he know all the local secrets, but was personally involved in the previous case.

Directed by: Josée Dayan (season 3, France, 2020)
Screenplay by: Marc Eisenchteter, Christian François
La cité des âmes en peine
Souls in anguish

Royan. An acquaintance of Marleau's is accused of murder. Alex Weller, renowned police officer jointly-appointed to the investigation, seems convinced of her guilt, but Marleau doubts his sincerity. Between illicit cigarette dealing, precarity and social revenge, there are plenty of motives amongst the inhabitants of a neighbourhood threatened with demolition.

Directed by: Josée Dayan (season 2, France, 2018)
Screenplay by: Marc-Antoine Laurent, Jean-Marc Taba