Capitaine Marleau

( Season 1 )
The investigations of the formidable if eccentric Inspector Marleau, played by the French actress Corinne Masiero. A series directed by Josée Dayan.
Chargement du lecteur...


Never die again

A few months ago, Isabelle Laumont woke from a 15-year coma and discovered that the man she had been sharing her life with before her accident had married Élise. And Élise's body has just been found in the river. Did Isabelle kill her replacement? Marleau is not convinced.

Directed by: Josée Dayan (season 2, France, 2018)
Screenplay: Marc Eisenchteter, Christian François
Une voix dans la nuit
A voice in the night

Éva Detrais presents a radio show where heartbroken listeners call in. As Chloé speaks on the show, a shot fires. Chloé has been killed live on air. Marleau soon realises that Éva knows a lot more about the tragedy than she's willing to admit.

Directed by: Josée Dayan (season 3, France, 2019)
Screenplay: Alexia de Oliveira Gomes, Emmanuelle Michelet