5e rang

( Season 1 )
The eldest of five sisters and dedicated heir to the family farm, Marie-Luce's world turns upside down on the death of her husband Guy, his body found half-eaten body in the pig pen. A dramatic discovery that perturbs the tranquillity of those closest to him and everyone living in Valmont.

Directed by: Francis Leclerc (Canada, 2019)
Cast: Maude Guérin (Marie-Luce), Martine Francke (Marie-Louise), Julie Beauchemin (Marie-Christine), Catherine Renaud (Marie-Jeanne), Ève Duranceau (Marie-Paule), Maxime De Cotret (Réginald), Marie-Ève Milot (Julie), Frédéric Pierre (Nicolas), Julie Roussel (Gladys), Julie Du Page (Sophie), François Papineau (Charles)
Genre: drama


5E RANG -EP015
Episode 15

How did the woman whose body was found on the farm die? The investigation continues. Réginald and Charles are still at war, whilst Monique licks her wounds. Mona lays charges against her father.

Directed by: Francis Leclerc (Canada, 2019)
5E RANG -EP016
Episode 16

The level of drug abuse amongst the youngsters of Valmont worries Fred. He tries to find out who's behind the illegal sale. Réginald seems unstable since becoming convinced that Charles was involved in his mother's murder.

Directed by: Francis Leclerc (Canada, 2019)
5E RANG -EP017
Episode 17

Jean-Michel, bogged down in his shady deals, tries to maintain a low profile. Fred isn't fooled and keeps a close eye on him. Vince is worming his way into Marie-Luce's confidence. Marie-Christine is upset by a recurrent nightmare and tries to find out what it means.

Directed by: Francis Leclerc (Canada, 2019)
5E RANG -EP018
Episode 18

Vince is terrorising Valmont and continues to bully Paul. Is his employee, Jean-Michel, running too high a risk by trying to take the law into his own hands? Réginald is in a state of shock when he upsets the convivial meal organised at home by Marie-Luce.

Directed by: Francis Leclerc (Canada, 2019)