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Manèle Labidi, Sofiane Saidi, Nada Yafi, Sahar Ben Hazem

After having practised in France, Selma (a psychoanalyst played by Golshifteh Farahani) installs her couch in a suburb of Tunis. Immediately after the revolution, patients queue to consult her, suffering from a multiplicity of wounds. But in a country that itself can be schizophrenic, consultations don't go quite as planned. The actor Majd Mastoura also features in the comedy "Un Divan à Tunis" (A Couch in Tunis), directed by Manèle Labidi, that was awarded the audience prize at the Mostra di Venezia. "Le Monde Arabe Existe-t-il (encore)?" (Does the Arab world (still) exist?). Did it ever exist? Of what is it the name? Historians, philosophers, writers and artists offer their, as yet unpublished, contributions to a collective work that inaugurates the Araborama collection, published by Le Seuil with the Arab World Institute (IMA). Previously an official Arabic interpreter in France and a former French ambassador to Kuwait, Nada Yafi is the author of the text "Une Langue Arabe ou Plusieurs?" (One Arab Language or Several?). Currently at the head of the Centre for Arabic Language and Civilisation at the IMA, she takes a look at Arabizi: an informal Arabic written using Latin characters and the numerals 7, 3 and 2. "Belek Belek!" (careful, watch out!): on 7 March 2020, under the banner of this rallying cry of the Algerian youth, Sofiane Saidi has put together an impressive guest list at La Dynamo in Pantin near Paris. The event celebrates the Banlieues Bleues festival and Arabofolies 2020 organised by the Arab World Institute. Cheb Abdou, Cheikha Hadjla and Tipo Bel Abbès will all be on stage to (re)discover an unbridled complex-free musical Algeria. #Connection Tunis, where the World Convention for French-speaking writers will be held in September 2020. Until then, the book worm Sahar Ben Hazem will be talking about her YouTube channel Livrement Moi. #Atmosphere with the guests' cultural favourites.

Guests: Manèle Labidi, director of the film "Un Divan à Tunis"; Sofiane Saidi, singer and composer, organiser of Algeria Belek Belek!; Nada Yafi, author of "Une Langue Arabe ou Plusieurs?"; Sahar Ben Hazem, YouTuber, creator of Livrement Moi (from Tunis).

Presented by: Mohamed Kaci.