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( Season 2019 )
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Jean-Pierre Filiu, Sara Nacer, Michelle Keserwany, Mehdi Bousaidan
26 min
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Jean-Pierre Filiu, Sara Nacer, Michelle Keserwany, Mehdi Bousaidan

"Never has the exhortation of one of the pioneer members of the FLN, Larbi Ben M'hidi, `Throw the revolution into the streets and the people will seize control of it', seemed so contemporary as in the Algeria of today (...)" For Jean-Pierre Filiu, the Hirak Movement is above all a popular combat for a new Algerian independence. In his latest book " Algérie, la Nouvelle Indépendance" (Algeria, the New Independence), published by Seuil, the historian and university professor at Sciences Po, explains that the 2019 tidal wave, far from being the "tail of the comet" of the Arab Spring, forms part of the long-term battle by the Algerians for a democracy that has been confiscated. "Yetnahaw Ga3 - Qu'ils partent tous!" (They should all go!) will be screened from 9 December 2019 at the Cinémathèque Québécoise in Montreal. This documentary, directed by Sara Nacer, Quebec film-maker of Algerian origin, immerses us in the heart of the Hirak Movement by painting a portrait of some of the young people involved in it since 22 February 2019. In Lebanon, the movement launched since 17 October 2019 has lost none of its vigour. Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrate, dance, sing and continue to resist peacefully, despite all the pressure, demanding deep-seated reform. Is it an uprising or a revolution? How are these events seen by the Lebanese diaspora and other Lebanese such as Michelle Keserwany, joint scriptwriter for the multi-award winning film "Capharnaüm", currently in residence at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris.
#Connection Swiss. "My father is Algerian and my mother... didn't know". Mehdi Bousaidan travelled from Quebec to appear on stage at the 30th Montreux Comedy Festival, in Switzerland, on 2 and 3 December 2019. Nothing escapes this humorist who loves dismantling clichés. #Atmosphere with the guests' cultural favourites.

Guests: Jean-Pierre Filiu, historian, author of the book "Algérie, la Nouvelle Indépendance"; Sara Nacer, film-maker, director of the documentary "Yetnahaw Ga3 - Qu'ils partent tous!" Michelle Keserwany, singer, musician and scriptwriter, who co-wrote the "Capharnaüm"; Mehdi Bousaidan, humorist, on stage at the 30th Montreux Comedy Festival (from Montreux).

Presented by: Demet Korkmaz.