Coupe du monde : peut-on encore parler de football ?
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Coupe du monde : peut-on encore parler de football ?
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World Cup: can we still talk about football?

Carbon footprint, total disregard for human rights, suspicions of corruption... As criticism rains down on Qatar, true football fans are starting to feel somewhat uneasy. But the World Cup is also a major sporting event, bringing together the best teams and greatest players. What role did France, and its former president Nicolas Sarkozy, play in the competition being awarded to the emirate? Why did Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA, move to Doha? Why is football so popular all around the globe? What chance do certain countries have of winning the Cup? Can we still talk about football?
Thanks to the reports by partner channels and the personal stories of the programme's guests, "Objectif Monde" investigates and opens the debate.

Guests: Jean Baptiste Guégan, consultant in the geopolitics of sport; Jean-Marc Adjovi-Boco, former football international.

Presented by: Dominique Laresche.