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( Season 2020 )
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Wiame Awres, Malek Sebai
26 min
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Wiame Awres, Malek Sebai

A world where women no longer need fear going out, or fear loving, and can finally have the freedom to realise their dreams... In the collective work "J'ai rêvé l'Algérie" (I dreamed Algeria), published by Barzakh, Wiame Awres is the author of the text "La Dernière Danse" (The Last Dance), imagining a world where women such as Asma, Hassina, Warda and Amira are all still alive. She is one of those behind the website Féminicides Algérie that provides a non-exhaustive list of the crimes committed against women throughout the country. Fifty-four femicides were registered in 2020, four since the beginning of 2021!
How to adapt that most classic of all classics, "Romeo and Juliet", in the midst of the health crisis in Tunisia? The new artistic director for ballet at the Opéra de Tunis, Malek Sebai, and the dancers take up the challenge on 14 February 2021, for a live performance on stage at the Cité de la Culture. A preview performed before a restricted audience, in application of the current health protocol in Tunisia.
#As seen by Slimane: the space probe Amal ("hope" in Arabic) orbits Mars. #Atmosphere with the guests' cultural favourites.

Guests: Wiame Awres, joint creator of the website Féminicides Algérie; Malek Sebai, artistic director for ballet at the Opéra de Tunis (from Tunis); Slimane Zeghidour, TV5MONDE editorialist.

Presented by: Mohamed Kaci.