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( Season 2020 )
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Tobie Nathan, Béatrice Commengé, Tahar Houchi
26 min
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Tobie Nathan, Béatrice Commengé, Tahar Houchi

"By chance I was born on a small piece of land that history could inscribe between two dates, as if on a gravestone: 1830-1962. Like a body, French Algeria was born, lived and died". In "Alger, rue des Bananiers" (Algiers, Rue des Bananiers), published by Verdier, Béatrice Commengé retraces her family history back four generations.
1952. Born poor, in the poverty-stricken Jewish Quarter of Old Cairo, Zohar Zohar had become the flamboyant owner of clubs and bars frequented by the cream of Cairo's high society, before finally being deported. When he landed in Europe he was a fugitive and pursued by the ghost of his Nazi torturer. Tobie Nathan looks back at the dark hours of Egypt's recent history and that deeply-buried part of French memory. His novel "La Société des Belles Personnes" (The Society of the Beautiful People), published by Stock, has been selected for the 2020 Prix Goncourt and Prix Goncourt des Lycéens.
The International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva (FIFOG) is back in the cinemas again, with screenings held from 25 to 27 September 2020. The team, headed by Tahar Houchi, wants to continue to promote films that are all too rarely shown in Switzerland, to fight against the lockdown and contribute to a return to normal life. For 2020 the FIFOG has taken "Resistance ... in the feminine" as its theme.
#As seen by Slimane. Each week in "MOE", Slimane Zeghidour looks back at the career of a little-known personality from the Mediterranean region, uncovering the personal history that lies within that of the history books, from Beirut to Casablanca, or interviews the programme's guests. #Atmosphere with the guests' cultural favourites.

Guests: Tobie Nathan, psychologist and writer, author of "La Société des Belles Personnes"; Béatrice Commengé, novelist, author of "Alger, rue des Bananiers"; Tahar Houchi, journalist, artistic director for the FIFOG (from Geneva).

Presented by: Mohamed Kaci.