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Maghreb-Orient Express

( Season 2020 )
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Takfarinas, Maïa Hawad, Chloé Lala-Guyard
26 min
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Takfarinas, Maïa Hawad, Chloé Lala-Guyard

Duets with the rapper Rohff, from Vitry-sur-Seine; Celia Ould Mohand, winner of Algeria's "Star Academy"; an English-Kabyle number with rapper Mangu, who came especially from Miami... The world has changed and Takfarinas is back with "Ul-iw Tsayri" (My Heart, it's love). His 19th album, released on 18 June 2021. He offers us a preview in #MOE.

"Qatar, from isolation to affirmation", "Kurdish Identity(ies)", "From Palestine to the Palestinians", "Iran, the realities of the myth"... These episodes of the podcast "L'Orient à l'Envers" (The Middle East upside-down), offer an analysis of Middle-Eastern reality, sometimes little-known and often caricatured. Based on the work of researchers, journalists and exiles (thanks to the help provided by the Maison des Journalistes in Paris) they present a more reflective view of current affairs. Interview with Chloé Lala-Guyard, one of the founders of "L'Orient à l'Envers".

Until 2 October 2021, ten multidisciplinary artists from countries bordering the Sahara (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Mali and Sudan) question, based on their real-life experience, the imaginary way in which the Sahara is portrayed. Who produces the narratives that describe of the world's largest desert? For whom and how should they be rethought? Maïa Hawad, co-curator of the exhibition "Hotel Sahara", at the Magasins Généraux creative arts centre in Pantin, as part of the Africa2020 Season, provides her personal answers. She is also currently working on a thesis on political philosophy entitled "Pour une pensée philosophique du Sahara: décloisonner les géographies de l'Afrique-Monde" (A philosophical way of seeing the Sahara: breaking down the geographical barriers between Africa and the world).

#As seen by Slimane, the Sahara. #Atmosphere with the guests' cultural favourites.

Guests: Takfarinas, singer-songwriter; Maïa Hawad, doctorand, co-curator of the exhibition "Hotel Sahara"; Chloé Lala-Guyard, co-founder of the podcast "L'Orient à l'Envers"; Slimane Zeghidour, TV5MONDE editorialist.

Presented by: Mohamed Kaci.