Sofiane Si Merabet, Nawel Ben Kraïem, Khalil Bensid (Zafîf), Serge Abatucci
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( Season 2023 )
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Sofiane Si Merabet, Nawel Ben Kraïem, Khalil Bensid (Zafîf), Serge Abatucci
26 min
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Sofiane Si Merabet, Nawel Ben Kraïem, Khalil Bensid (Zafîf), Serge Abatucci

"Le Corps Don" (The body, a gift a bond) is the second anthology of poetry by Nawel Ben Kraïem, published by Bruno Doucey). The musician, singer and poet weighs her words to to talk about the belly that's round and full, that's empty, that bleeds, the social body, the body of the child coming into the world... Her other current events include: the release of the album "3arabic touch" (on the Believe Arabia label); a concert at New Morning in Paris on 2 June 2024.

"Superposition", the new album by Zafîf, invites us to take an introspective journey that follows its captivating and hypnotic grooves. Khalil Bensid, sintir-player, is one of the founders of this Swiss-based group whose repertoire takes its inspiration from Arabic and Anatolian melodies and gnawa rhythms, all influenced by rock and blues.

A West Indian actor sees his life turned upside down when he has to play the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi for a theatre project. This monologue notably questions the links between those who were once colonised and their colonists. The play "Moi Kadhafi" (I, Gaddafi), played by Serge Abatucci, can be seen at the Lavoir Moderne Parisien from 5 to 9 June 2024.

What does it mean to be Arab today, beyond the headlines, prejudice and preconceived ideas? Based in Dubai, Sofiane Si Merabet questions identity and memory in the Arab world and its diaspora. In his essay "L'Arabe Confus" (The Confused Arab), published by Belfond, based on the title of his Instagram page (@theconfusedarab), he also explores the concept of "nostalgic future".

"Après le Soleil" (After the Sun), by Rayane Mcirdi, official selection for Directors' Fortnight at the 77th Cannes Film Festival. Produced by Malfamé, this short film is a showcase for young talent. Report by Benjamin Beraud.

#Atmosphere with the guests' cultural favourites.

Guests: Sofiane Si Merabet, artist and cultural entrepreneur; Nawel Ben Kraïem, musician, singer and poet; Khalil Bensid, musician, member of the group Zafîf (from Geneva); Serge Abatucci, actor, co-director of the Kokolampoe Drama Centre, in French Guiana.

Presented by: Mohamed Kaci.