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Maghreb-Orient Express

( Season 2023 )
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Omar Dhiab, Malek Labidi, Tara Khattar, Nasser Soumi
26 min
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Omar Dhiab, Malek Labidi, Tara Khattar, Nasser Soumi

Bizerte, Jendouba, Le Kef, Béja, Siliana, Zaghouan and Greater Tunis: the terroirs of these seven governorates are showcased in Malek Labidi's book, "La Table du Nord. Itinéraire Gourmand à Travers le Nord de la Tunisie" (Food from the North. A Richly Delicious Journey Through Northern Tunisia). It was published with the BIAT foundation that since 2014 has been working to help Tunisian youth.

When it comes to taste and flavour, chef Omar Dhiab's very first memories take him back to his father's Egyptian dishes and his mother's Tunisian recipes. His own cuisine is inspired by France: ember-grilled lobster, spicy chick pea relish, couscous jus; crisp sweetbreads, Grenobloise relish; marinated sea bream, lovage relish. As a reminder of Egypt: hibiscus tea is served as an aperitif in his Michelin-starred restaurant in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.

Olive trees, vines and wheat were first cultivated 7,000 years ago, notably in the Jordan Valley. After studying at the Damascus and Paris schools of fine arts, Nasser Soumi has written "Le Vin & la Palestine. Une Histoire Millénaire" (Wine and Palestine. An age-old Story), published by Al Manar. He also talks about forgotten indigenous varieties, veritable treasures from the wine-growing heritage of this war-torn region.

Revealed by the programme "Top Chef France" in 2018, Tara Khattar now lives in New York where she has carved a very special place for herself in the world of high-end catering. Report from New York by Catherine François, Isabelle Barzeele and Phil Shaw.

# As seen by Slimane: molokhia, an everyday soup that's also fit for high days and holidays. #Atmosphere with the guests' favourite foods.

Guests: Omar Dhiab, Michelin-starred chef; Malek Labidi, author; Nasser Soumi, writer and artist.

Presented by: Mohamed Kaci.