Guillaume Blanc, François Naaman, Laure Dominique Agniel
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( Season 2020 )
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Guillaume Blanc, François Naaman, Laure Dominique Agniel
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Guillaume Blanc, François Naaman, Laure Dominique Agniel

Jules Molina was a conscripted soldier in the colonial forces, an independentist tortured by the French army, then an Algerian citizen. His story shatters the visions that over-simplify Franco-Algerian history. Born in 1923, in Mohammadia, to a family of Spanish immigrants, he only left Algeria with reluctance in 1989. Twenty years later, on the eve of his death, he wrote his memoires and passed them on to his family. "Un Communiste d'Algérie, les Vies de Jules Molina (1923-2009)" (A Communist in Algeria, the Lives of Jules Molina, 1923-2009) is published simultaneously in Algeria by Barzakh and in France by Éditions de la Sorbonne, together with interviews by Guillaume Blanc and his reflections on history.

The English aristocrat Hester Stanhope left London for the Middle East in 1810, following the death of her uncle, the Prime Minister William Pitt. It was the last time she saw England. Soon she knew Turkey, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon like the back of her hand. Laure Dominique Agniel has dedicated a biography to her "Lady Stanhope, l'Amazone du Liban" (Lady Stanhope, the Amazon of Lebanon), published by Tallandier. Pioneer and resolutely independent, Hester Stanhope is considered to be the first European woman to enter Palmyra and the first to wear the sirwal, long before it became a symbol of emancipation adopted by suffragettes and feminists.

A new trilingual media (Arabic, English, French), created between London, New York, Paris, Madrid and Beirut, by students for students, Kalam seeks to open an ideas-based debate in Lebanon, where thought tends to dissipate into ideology and egotism. Amongst the most recent articles published by Kalam, of which François Naaman is one of the co-founders: "Welcome to The Egg of Beirut", "Lebanese Agriculture's Descent into Hell" and "The Scent of Blood", about Lokman Slim, the Lebanese intellectual assassinated in February 2021.

#As seen by Slimane: the chorba (soup). #Atmosphere with the guests' cultural favourites.

Guests: Guillaume Blanc, lecturer in contemporary history at the University of Rennes 2; Laure Dominique Agniel, writer and film director (from Concarneau); François Naaman, law and philosophy student at the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, co-founder of Kalam; Slimane Zeghidour, TV5MONDE editorialist.

Presented by: Mohamed Kaci.