Gary Mihaileanu, Myriam Nasr Shuman, KasbaH
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( Season 2021 )
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Gary Mihaileanu, Myriam Nasr Shuman, KasbaH
26 min
Gary Mihaileanu, Myriam Nasr Shuman, KasbaH

Shakshuka with cumin-marinated feta, couscous balls, mloukhiya, ojja with merguez, makroud given a new twist with dates... In "La Cuisine de Roger et Liliane" (Cooking with Roger and Lilian), published by Hachette, photographs by Annabelle Schachmes, Gary Mihaileanu shares all the flavour of the recipes handed down by his Tunisian-born grandparents. The actor is also behind the launch of the Roger & Liliane Facebook page, that today has hundreds of thousands of followers worldwide. Even if he has never lived in Tunisia himself, he couldn't survive without his grandmother's burnt aubergine caviar!

Despite everything, the "Agenda Culturel" continues to share all the latest news about what's on in the Lebanense world of art and culture. Given the explosive rise in costs and somewhat erratic distribution, this totally independent publication is no longer printed, but the website is now read by even more Lebanese living abroad, whose numbers are themselves increasing. Today the newsletter is sent to some 14,000 people, free of charge. An English version,, also exists, covering Lebanon and the Middle East. Another new arrival:, offers a tourist guide to Lebanon. To coincide with the 27th anniversary of "Agenda Culturel", Myriam Nasr Shuman talks about the events not to be missed, notably a guided tour of the exhibition about a "Ville Avoisinant la Terre" (A city close to the Earth), by Jorg A. Mhaya (the Tanit gallery, 26 October 2021).

Partying, dancing, conviviality, sharing, celebrating and having fun! "Musique de Fête" (Music for Celebrations) shines a spotlight on the electro scene in North Africa and the Middle East. Manning the turntables: producer and DJ KasbaH, in partnership with Nowadays Records. This original sound track of music for today brings together rising and established artists such as Bachar Mar Khalifé, Kabylie Minogue, Taxi Kebab, Bab and Retro Cassetta. After volume 1, volume 2 has now been released. Amongst the forthcoming dates to see KasbaH performing live: 29 October 2021 at Le Tamanoir in Gennevilliers (France), 12 November at The Post in London (United Kingdom), 13 November at Urban Spree in Berlin (Germany) and 3 December at the Alliance Française in Nairobi (Kenya).

#As seen by Slimane: desert truffles. #Atmosphere with the guests' cultural favourites.

Guests: Gary Mihaileanu, actor, author of "La Cuisine de Roger et Liliane"; Myriam Nasr Shuman, director of the "Agenda Culturel" (from Beirut); KasbaH, producer and DJ; Slimane Zeghidour, TV5MONDE editorialist.

Presented by: Mohamed Kaci.