Darina Al Joundi, Layla Fahim, Kamel Azouz, Violaine Vanoyeke
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Maghreb-Orient Express

( Season 2022 )
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Darina Al Joundi, Layla Fahim, Kamel Azouz, Violaine Vanoyeke
26 min
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Darina Al Joundi, Layla Fahim, Kamel Azouz, Violaine Vanoyeke

In a mixed district of Baghdad, marked by almost permanent violence, we discover the interwoven lives of a novelist and her neighbours. "Notre Fleuve... Notre Ciel" (Our River... Our Sky), by Maysoon Pachachi and starring Darina Al Joundi, is screened on 25 November 2022 at the Noisy-le-Sec Franco-Arab film festival.

The Cabaret Sauvage has become one of France's go-to concert venues. Its creator, Méziane Azaïche, who arrived from Algeria at the age of 23, managed to overcome all the challenges adversity put in her way to realise her dream. The documentary "L'Olivier Sauvage" (The Wild Olive Tree), by Kamel Azouz, pays tribute to her career and to nearly seventy years of shared history between Algeria and France.

1922-2022: a century after Tutankhamen's tomb was discovered in Egypt's Valley of the Kings, the famous pharaoh still remains one of the most mysterious. Violaine Vanoyeke, author of "Les Grandes Énigmes de l'Égypte" (The Great Enigmas of Egypt), published by Le Rocher, tries to pierce the last-remaining secrets.

At the beginning of November, the Saudi capital became a nocturnal open-air gallery with the launch of Noor Riyadh, the annual festival of art and light that brings together both international artists and emerging home-grown talent. Until 4 February 2023, an exhibition looks at the role played by light in a world where it can symbolise change. A discussion with Layla Fahim.

In Lebanon, artists are reinventing the French-language comic book and graphic novel. A report by Sophie Guignon and Chloé Domat.

#Atmosphere with the guests' cultural favourites.

Guests: Darina Al Joundi, actress; Layla Fahim, advisor to Riyadh Art (from Riyadh); Kamel Azouz, film-director Violaine Vanoyeke, novelist.

Presented by: Mohamed Kaci.