Baaziz, Karim Aïnouz, Driss & Mehdi
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Maghreb-Orient Express

( Season 2023 )
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Baaziz, Karim Aïnouz, Driss & Mehdi
26 min
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Baaziz, Karim Aïnouz, Driss & Mehdi

Since the start of his career in Algeria, in the 1980s, Baaziz has sung out loud what everyone was thinking in silence. He is currently preparing a show about the "Boulitik" years and is the opening act for Algerian artist Mouh Milano at the Cabaret Sauvage, Paris.

Accompanied by the memory of his Brazilian mother, Karim Aïnouz takes a first, very personal journey through the country of his father's birth, Algeria. A voyage filmed as a travel journal exploring the themes of family, love, freedom and hope. "Marin des Montagnes" (Mariner of the Mountains) opened in French cinemas on 17 April 2024; "Motel Destino", his next film has been officially selected for the Cannes Film Festival, alongside Francis Ford Coppola, David Cronenberg, Jacques Audiard...

And what if all men disappeared from Earth? Leaving just them... One day Halim and Mounir happen across a magical notebook where all you need to do is write a wish, for it to come true. In "Jouj", filmed in Casablanca by Rabii Chajid, the comic pair Driss & Mehdi have a veritable field day. The film is being released in France following its runaway success in Morocco.

#As seen by Slimane: the Olympic flame. #Atmosphere with the guests' cultural favourites.

Guests: Baaziz, singer-songwriter; Karim Aïnouz, film-director; Driss & Mehdi, comedians.

Presented by: Mohamed Kaci.