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( Season 2021 )
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Anas Khalaf, Charif Majdalani, Pierrine Poget, Petite Amal
26 min
Anas Khalaf, Charif Majdalani, Pierrine Poget, Petite Amal

Translator for the Syrian team at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, Sami commits a slip of the tongue that has dramatic consequences. He translated "all Syrians mourn Hafez el-Assad..." by "certain Syrians mourn Hafez el-Assad..." A Freudian slip? Or deliberate provocation? Sami is forced to remain in Australia where his is granted asylum as a political refugee. In 2011, at the beginning of the uprising in Syria, his life is once again turned upside-down when he decides to return to his family in secret. The fictional story "Le Traducteur" (The Translator), by Anas Khalaf and Rana Kazkaz, currently showing in French and Swiss cinemas, is also being screened on 17 November 2021 at the Noisy-le-Sec Franco-Arab Film Festival (France).

In 2014, a Lebanese specialist was invited to Iraq by a mysterious general to offer his expert opinion on a number of archaeological finds. In an oasis out of time, he finds himself at the forefront of a major upheaval, surrounded by Kurdish fighters and ISIS jihadists. A few years later, the narrator remembers those weeks, when the destiny of the world was turned upside down. Charif Majdalani is the author of "Dernière Oasis" (Last Oasis), published by Actes Sud. His previous book "Beyrouth 2020, Journal d'un Effondrement" (Beirut 2020, Diary of the Collapse), was awarded the Femina 2020 special jury prize.

Cairo, a labyrinth of a city and an invitation to simply wander. The poet Pierrine Poget spent a month there, losing and then finding herself again. By immersing herself in her travel journals two years later, she wonders about memory and those missed rendezvous somewhere between reality and illusion. Born in Geneva of a Swiss father and Anglo-Romanian mother, Pierrine Poget's first book in prose, "Warda S'En Va" (Warda goes away), has just been published by La Baconnière.

After an epic journey that began during the summer of 2021 in Gaziantep (Turkey), the puppet Petite Amal (Little Amal) is currently travelling through France before heading to Great Britain. The doll, measuring over three metres high, symbolises a young Syrian refugee and is currently to be discovered in Paris. An initiative by the NGO Good Chance Theatre to change the way we view exile. Report by Pascale Achard and Guillaume Gouet.

#Atmosphere with the guests' cultural favourites.

Guests: Anas Khalaf, director of the fiction "Le Traducteur"; Charif Majdalani, lecturer in literature at the Saint-Joseph University of Beirut, author of "Dernière Oasis"; Pierrine Poget, poet and novelist, author of "Warda S'En Va".

Presented by: Mohamed Kaci.