Amel Zen, Anne Poiret, Amal Guermazi
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Maghreb-Orient Express

( Season 2023 )
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Amel Zen, Anne Poiret, Amal Guermazi
26 min
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Amel Zen, Anne Poiret, Amal Guermazi

The Orchestre de la Casbah has invited Amel Zen to pay tribute to this legendary district of the city of Algiers where chaabi first saw the light of day. A derivative of Andalusian-Arabic music, it remains one of the most popular musical genres in Algeria for poetic messages of humanism, conviviality and solidarity.

Amal Guermazi and the Mazzika Orchestra revisit the musical heritage of the Arab world on some of the most prestigious stages. Forthcoming dates in Paris: "Nuits d'Orient", with Charbel Bassi, 28 April 2024 at the Bataclan; with Ramy Ayach, 24 May at the Casino de Paris; and "Les Divas Arabes", 9 November at the Bataclan.

The life of Mahar, a young Yezidi from Iraq, changed forever in 2014 when he was taken from his family and forcibly enrolled by ISIS. Between 10 and 13 years old, he became a child soldier. Today he is trying to rebuild his life after being reunited with part of his family. Anne Poiret is the author of the graphic novel "Mahar, le lionceau ou l'enfance perdue des jeunes soldats de Daech" (Mahar, the lion cub or the lost childhood of the young soldiers of ISIS"), published by Delcourt with illustrations by Lars Horneman. She won the 2022 Best Documentary International Emmy Award for "Enfants de Daech, les Damnés de la Guerre" (Iraq's Lost Generation).

Artists are rallying in support of the people of Gaza, in Beirut's museums and galleries. The Lebanese capital continues to attract artists from the entire region thanks to its traditional freedom of expression. Report by Sophie Guignon and Chloé Domat.

Guests: Amel Zen, singer-songwriter; Anne Poiret, journalist and film-director; Amal Guermazi, musicologist, conductor and violinist, cofounder of the Mazzika Orchestra.

Presented by: Mohamed Kaci.