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Les rencontres du Papotin

( Season 2023 )
A magazine programme with a difference, along similar lines to the newspaper "Le Papotin", with an editorial team of young non-professional journalists on the autism spectrum. For each programme a well-known figure is subjected to a no-holds-barred interview. The rules are simple: anything can be said and anything can happen!

Chaired by: Julien Bancilhon.


Guest: Benoît Magimel, actor.

Revealed to the public at the age of 13 in "Life is a Long Quiet River" by Étienne Chatiliez, Benoît Magimel rapidly made a place for himself in French film. On the eve of his 50th birthday, he talks freely with the editorial team from "Le Papotin"...

Chaired by: Julien Bancilhon.
Directed by: Henri Poulain (France, 2024)