Femmes, le combat permanent ?
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( Season 2020 )
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Femmes, le combat permanent ?
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Women, a never-ending battle?

7 February 1971, Swiss women finally obtained the right to vote. Fifty years later, what is life really like for women in Switzerland? What does being a woman mean in 2021? How to manage the innumerable contradictory injunctions they constantly face? Is it obligatory to be a feminist?

Guests: Valérie Vuille, director of Décadrée, a feminist association based in Geneva; Géraldine Savary, editor-in-chief of "Femina", former socialist senator for the Vaud; Anne Reiser, lawyer; Kelly Santos da Costa, who took part in Flore Amos' documentary "Les Combattantes, paroles de femmes sans voix".

Presented by: Alexis Favre.