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( Season 15 )
A news magazine show, "Falò" discusses and analyses current affairs in depth.


L'heure du luxe
Luxury time

The market of new watches has its fans, there are even waiting lists of several years for some models. New watches are traded on the parallel market, but at exorbitant prices. Collectors can turn to vintage timepieces but then there is the question of authenticity.
Le chasseur de baleines
Whale hunters

Investigation into whale hunting in Iceland. In 2022, the authorised quota was at 160 whales. The NGO Sea Shepherd watches over the only company still active in this field whose methods are very opaque. The killings are documented and the irregularities noted.
The last nets

Professional fishermen in the Swiss lakes are seeing their activity become less and less profitable. They often have to find other sources of income or consider changing profession. While they are very popular with consumers, certain species of lake fish are dying out, and this for lots of reasons.