Une brique dans le ventre

( Season 2020 )
In addition to the houses, apartments and lofts of various styles and prices which Cédric Wautier shows us through his many visits, this programme about homes offers legal, practical, technical, energy and aesthetic advice, without forgetting the part about the all-important DIY "tricks".

Hosted by: Cédric Wautier, Virginie Jacobs.


Le Bastion, à Arlon
Le Bastion, in Arlon

This week, we head off to Arlon with Cédric and Virginie, to discover a multi-dwelling unit with walls made from straw. We also meet Joan Bebronne, who created Mlle Jo, a studio where design meets architecture. Then to Montreal, for the transformation of a duplex apartment into a contemporary house.

Presented by: Cédric Wautier, Virginie Jacobs.
Transforming a modernist house

We visit Françoise and Dominique's "kangaroo" house before discovering the yurt and gypsy caravan at the heart of the Froidefontaine collaborative farm, in Havelange. Total change of scene with the Georgian house by two English designers; oh so very British! Finally, we learn how to install a counter-top basin...

Presented by: Cédric Wautier, Virginie Jacobs.