Tendance XXI

( Season 8 )
French creativity is booming in the fields of fashion, crafts, design, beauty and gastronomy. 'Tendance XXI' showcases a know-how that evolves in tune with the times, sometimes even anticipating them.

Commentary: Viviane Blassel.


Spéciale prêt-à-porter
Ready-to-wear special

Dior, Balmain, Akris, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Vuitton... The latest trends walk the runways for the new 2022-2023 autumn/winter season. Kevin Germanier and Alphonse Maitrepierre join the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode calendar. Amongst the foreign designers showing: Cecilie Bahnsen, Didu, Sandra Sandor and Anne Isabella.

Commentary by: Viviane Blassel.
Origami/Panama/Alain Taral/Mode métal/Lingerie Paloma Casile
Artisans in small leather goods, pleating and origami have combined their skills to create a unique bag. All about the Panama. From cabinetmaker to bookbinder, Alain Taral delicately crafts wood to cover his books. Metal takes to the podiums. Passionate about lace, Paloma Casile opens her lingerie boutique in Paris.

Commentary by: Viviane Blassel.