Tendance XXI

( Season 7 )
French creativity is booming in the fields of fashion, crafts, design, beauty and gastronomy. 'Tendance XXI' showcases a know-how that evolves in tune with the times, sometimes even anticipating them.

Commentary: Viviane Blassel.


Luxe français/Boucles d'oreilles/Laissez Passer/Satin/Fleurs d'Halage
An in-depth look at the secrets of the French luxury industry, and earrings for men. The Marseilles collective Laissez Passer recycles below-standard and abandoned harbour materials. How to wear satin, whatever the occasion. The association Fleurs d'Halage offers a second life to polluted areas of Paris.

Commentary by: Viviane Blassel.
Poilâne/Maillot de bain/Philippe Atienza/Amaury Paris
Spotlight on bread by the Poilâne family. The swimsuit: a story studded with scandal. In his Parisian workshop at the Viaduc des Arts, Philippe Atienza reveals the craft of the boot-maker to the public gaze. How to wear a long necklace. The portrait of eyewear manufacturer Amaury Cagniard, master craftsman.

Commentary by: Viviane Blassel.