Curieux Bégin

( Season 14 )
In "Curieux Bégin" we explore cooking and wine... The food-loving presenter and actor Christian Bégin delights our tastebuds, taking us, recipe-by-recipe, to meet fine food enthusiasts. Features plenty of inspiring characters, laughter and good humour.

Presenter: Christian Bégin.


Défi sandwich
The sandwich challenge

Forget the crustless sandwich as we bring you a world of sandwiches redesigned by Samir Benzeguir, alias Capitain Sandwich. We sample Montréal's best banh mi and a gluten-free special by K pour Katrine.

Presenter : Christian Bégin.
Quebecizing recipes from elsewhere

Today, we're combining recipes from different communities to "Quebecize" them, i.e. to replace certain ingredients with products from Quebec. Marie-Hélène Thibault and Sophie Fouron are invited to try them.

Presenter: Christian Bégin.