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Whether it is their bold style, historical relevance, aesthetic quality or ingenious design that makes them stand out, these homes in British Colombia are definitely worth a visit. Evelyne Charuest invites us to take a tour of some truly exceptional houses. Prepare for real lesson in architecture!


A boat in the trees

A tour of Merrick House, an incredible "cabin", completely irregular, perched amongst the trees. Designed and hand-built by the Vancouver architect Paul Merrick in the 1970s, it is made of recycled materials, indigenous wood and stone. All the details in the company of Evelyne.

Presented by: Evelyne Charuest.
The iron lady

At the heart of British Properties, West Vancouver, Evelyne pushes open the door to a residence created by Arthur Erickson in the 1980s. Eppich House, composed of glass and steel, with curved windows, is surrounded by greenery. The furniture, by Francisco Kripacz, adds an incredible elegance to its light-filled rooms.

Presented by: Evelyne Charuest.