( Season 3 )
Fashion, design, gastronomy and art de vivre... Lifestyle experts chat with Katherina Marx, an enthusiastic ambassador for French style.

Commentary: Katherina Marx


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Judith Kraft
The luthier Judith Kraft accepted the challenge of giving new life to a hundred-year-old instrument, meaning her name will resonate for years to come.

Jacques Grange
An encounter with Jacques Grange, interior designer for many big names such as Yves Saint-Laurent, Francis Ford Coppola and Isabelle Adjani.

Commentary: Katherina Marx.
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Ara Starck
Ara, daughter of Philippe Starck, is a painter who no longer needs to prove herself. She invites us into her colourful world.

Anaïs Guery
Fifty shades of blue with Anaïs Guery. This young craftswoman, in search of textile beauty, has made indigo dyeing her speciality.

Commentary: Katherina Marx.
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Jean-Baptiste Viot
An encounter with Jean-Baptiste Viot, a clockmaker who has mastered all the secrets of time...

Michel Rostang
With a passion for terroir and gastronomy, the Michelin-starred chef Michel Rostang looks back over his career.

Commentary: Katherina Marx.