C Jamy

( Season 1 )
Arouse our curiosity, question the everyday things that surround us to enlighten us on a wide range of subjects, including the most surprising, nothing escapes the thirst for knowledge of Jamy and his friends.

Presenter: Jamy Gourmaud.


Le dos : mal du siècle ?
Back pain: the ailment of the century?

Back pain regularly plagues the life of almost 40% of the French population. But how does this part of the body work? What are the right postures to adopt? How can we relieve back pain and who should we consult?

Presenter: Jamy Gourmaud.

Placed end to end, we produce 16 kilometres of hair per year! But why are their colours and textures so different? Why do some people have hair when others are bald? What do they tell us about our state of health?

Presenter: Jamy Gourmaud.