C Jamy

( Season 1 )
Arouse our curiosity, question the everyday things that surround us to enlighten us on a wide range of subjects, including the most surprising, nothing escapes the thirst for knowledge of Jamy and his friends.

Presenter: Jamy Gourmaud.


Fraises : pourquoi nous font-elles du bien ?
Strawberries: why are they good for us?

The secrets of the French population's favourite fruit: the strawberry, a star that has no reason to blush about its success. But what makes this fruit so special? How is it grown? Why do pregnant women often crave them?

Presenter: Jamy Gourmaud.
Comment muscler notre mémoire ?
How can we boost our memory?

What is memory? Can we boost its performance? How do we record our memories? Do animals have one? Give your little grey cells a workout by understanding how our internal hard disk works!

Presenter: Jamy Gourmaud.