LA NUIT DU RAMADAN 2023-EP001-19/04/2023

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1 hr 50 min
From Asia to the Maghreb, via Libya, Syria, Iraq, Senegal and the Comoros Islands, we see how Ramadan is celebrated around the world.
Three chefs, from Algeria, Indonesia and the Comoros Islands, share their very best specialities. Artists from many different countries with wide-ranging musical styles set the stage alight. But Ramadan is above all about spirituality, generosity and sharing. And for that we'll be meeting leading figures who talk about their own personal commitment and the values that drive and motivate them: Mohamed Bajrafil, theologian and ambassador to Unesco for the Comoros Islands; Rachid Arar, founder of La Table Ouverte; Olivier Marteau, MSF coordinator. Plus French men and women who recount "their Ramadan".

Guests: Imany, Chimène Badi, Tété, Charlie Winston, Amel Brahim-Djelloul, Sly Johnson, Rabie Houti Band, Nizar, Cheb Tarik, White Feet - Nasser Ben Dadoo, Mohamed Bajrafil, Rachid Arar, Olivier Marteau...

Presented by: Myriam Seurat, Zohra Ben Miloud.