( Season 2021 )
We meet the men and women committed to preserving the close link that ties them to the sea. Fishermen, oyster farmers, scientists, businessmen and women... Together they share with us the many different facets of the French coasts.


Au secours des dauphins/Mer d'Iroise/Île d'Ouessant
A look back at the battle between fishermen and environmental associations over an animal emblematic of the oceans: the dolphin. Then to the Iroise Sea to observe the unique European dark bee. Ushant: a couple of dairy farmers settle on the island, the first to move there for ten years.

Presented by: Sabine Quindou.
Tahiti, de mer en filles
Tahiti, girls ride the waves/Polynesia, the world after

In Polynesia, we meet Vahiné Fierro, surfing champion, whose aim is to qualify for the forthcoming Olympics. After all, the event will be held in... Tahiti! The pandemic hit Polynesia hard, a region where tourism provides its main income, forcing many of the island's inhabitants to reinvent their activity.

Presented by: Sabine Quindou.