( Season 2020 )
We meet the men and women committed to preserving the close link that ties them to the sea. Fishermen, oyster farmers, scientists, businessmen and women... Together they share with us the many different facets of the French coasts.


The Seine estuary

We discover 160 kilometres of the Seine estuary, from the port of Le Havre to that of Rouen. The river may be a major commercial waterway used by dozens of cargo ships every day, in places it is also a protected nature reserve, a haven of peace for migrating birds.

Presented by: Sophie Quindou.
From the Frioul islands to La Ciotat

Off the shores of Le Frioul, Julien Wosnitza fights the plastic invasion threatening our oceans. A commitment shared by the eco-travellers aboard his boat. We then meet Matthieu Ferreira, founder of the association Les Pêcheurs du Coeur. Final port of call: La Ciotat, where Gérard Carrodano raises fish for aquariums.

Presented by: Sophie Quindou.