Sur le front

Hugo Clément takes us to meet the men and women fighting to defend the planet, in those places where it is most urgent. A programme to discover those devoting their lives to protecting the world's ecosystems.


Why is taking the train always more expensive?

As Spain experiments with free travel by regional train, why are fares in France rising by 5%? Hugo Clément investigates the French paradox, land of the TGV and home to a dense network of minor lines, yet some of its railway infrastructure remains more worthy of another century.

Presented by: Hugo Clément
Directed by: Jean-Marc Philibert (France, 2023)
Natural parks: the great masquerade

France is committed to 10% of its territory being given reinforced protection. But what is the real situation? In Natura 2000 classified areas, pesticides can still be used; in Marseille, the city's sewers discharge into the Calanques... Investigation into the convenient compromises and concessions used to get around the regulations.

Presented by: Hugo Clément
Directed by: Victor Peressetchensky (France, 2023)