Passe-moi les jumelles

( Season 9 )
An invitation to take a break and dream. On the line-up: emotions, encounters, travelling, favourites and breathtaking landscapes...


Joyeux givrés
Joyful "Givrés"

As winter approaches, the temperature of the water in the lake drops. And yet, there are those who continue to bathe in it. They call them the "Givrés". With more than 2,500 participants at the last Geneva's Christmas Cup, it's a surprisingly popular phenomenon.

Directed by: Pascal Magnin (Switzerland, 2020)
The legend of the "Flottins"

The festive season in Évian sees the arrival of the "Flottins", cheeky elves, part driftwood, part acrobat. Washed down from the mountains they bewitch young and old alike, taking over the town with their gigantic driftwood sculptures , enchanting fairy tales and a magic only found high in the Alps.

Directed by: Ventura Samarra (Switzerland, 2020)