( Season 2021 )
Littoral, a program meant for those who love the sea, takes you on a trip along Atlantic coastlines, wherever unexpected discoveries, impromptu encounters and intense emotions lead them.

Presented by: Marine Barnérias.


La route est bleue
The route ahead is blue

Meet 35 year-old Léon Passuello, sailor and new dad with a mad dream to create the first regular sea link between Quiberon and Belle-Île-en-Mer, powered by sail. We follow his story, right from the start of his breathtaking and totally crazy project, one nobody seemed to believe in.

Presented by: Marine Barnérias.
Les Glénan, une vie d'archipel
Glénan Islands, the life of an archipelago

The Glénan Islands: a lagoon of crystal water and listed Natura 2000 site, a paradise for birds and fabulous playground for all who love watersports. But this archipelago of nine main islands and small rocky islets is under threat. We meet those working to protect this magical but fragile spot.

Presented by: Marine Barnérias.