Les nouveaux nomades

( Season 2021 )
From the Mediterranean coast to the Alpine peaks, the banks of the Loire to the shores of the Atlantic and the Pyrenees to the heart of Paris, the new nomads lead us on an exploration of their region, far from the beaten track, to meet those with a real passion.


Élevage de chevaux/Gigondas/Rencontre avec Mounir/La dame du 6e étage
Éric takes us to explore the marshes of the Charente-Maritime, an ideal ecosystem for horse breeding. Nathalie tries making Gigondas, in Orange. In Laval, Julie meets Mounir, a super presenter doing everything possible to connect people. In Paris, Yvan presents one of the most surprising "women from the 6th floor".

Presented by: Éric Perrin, Nathalie Simon, Julie Hattu, Yvan Hallouin.
Éric heads to Béarn and the largest colony of vultures in the Pyrenees. In Saint-Nazaire, Julie visits the famous Atlantic shipyards. Cyril has discovered a delicious sweet treat near Saumur: a dried pear known as a "poire tapée". In Champagne, Carine immerses herself in the history of Lake Der.

Presented by: Éric Perrin, Julie Hattu, Cyril Hue, Carine Aigon.

Sophie explores Pays Toy, in the Pyrenees. When talking about Saint-Nazaire it's usually industry and shipbuilding that come to mind. But recently the town has placed greater emphasis on its coastline. Éric heads behind the scenes in the Cussac Cave. Yvan goes mushroom picking in a somewhat unusual spot.

Presented by: Sophie Jovillard, Julie Hattu, Éric Perrin, Yvan Hallouin.