Le goût des rencontres

( Season 2020 )
Nouvelle-Aquitaine is a vast region, rich in scenery and local "terroir", tales to tell and treasures of every sort. We discover a cuisine that is part of the regional culture, both popular and emblematic.

Presented by: France Oberkampf.


Le piment dans tous ses états à Sort-en-Chalosse
Chili peppers, long on flavour in Sort-en-Chalosse

France Oberkampf is off to Sort-en-Chalosse, in the Landes. Between the months of May and October it's high season for the local chili pepper, mild but very long. An emblematic fruit, grown in kitchen gardens throughout the department, it is traditionally used to make an omelette or a piperade.

Presented by: France Oberkampf.