Guides d'aventures

( Season 2 )
A documentary series that takes us to meet some of the men and women whose profession is far from ordinary. As unique as they are captivating, these enthusiasts invite us to discover their world, in the midst of an unspoilt Canadian wilderness.


Mike LaBrosse - Pêche au saumon
Mike LaBrosse - Salmon fishing

Mike LaBrosse is a sport fishing guide on Lake Ontario. He welcomes three people who have come to live an unforgettable experience. If one of them has been a client of Mike's for a long time, the two others are novices with everything to learn and discover.

Directed by: Isabelle Major, Jean-François Martel (season 2, Canada, 2016)
Jud Jones - Nage avec les bélugas
Jud Jones - Swimming with belugas

At Churchill, Manitoba, Jud Jones welcomes two tourists who have come to go kayaking and swimming with the belugas. But Jud is far more than just a guide; she is a true Jill-of-all-trades. Her unique career path has led her to make a place for herself in a male-dominated world.

Directed by: Isabelle Major, Jean-François Martel (season 2, Canada, 2017)