Échappées belles

( Season 14 )
Discover a city or region, discover a wild country, make a getaway off the beaten track, "Échappées belles" (Great escapes) offers a breath of fresh air to the traveller who sleeps in all of us.

Presented by: Sophie Jovillard, Jérôme Pitorin, Ismaël Khelifa, Tiga (in turn).


Corse gourmande
Gourmet Corsica

Famous for its wonderful scenery, Corsica is also a destination with a highly-reputed gastronomy. Between mountain and sea, the island's produce is incredibly varied: a diversity of cold meats, chestnuts, cheeses, wild herbs, seafood... And with its nine PDO appellations, winegrowing is also one of the pillars of Corsican agriculture.

Presented by: Jérôme Pitorin.
Directed by: Jean-Yves Cauchard (season 14, France, 2019)
Un été en Islande
A summer in Iceland

Water, air, land and fire have shaped the scenery of Iceland and continue to remain ever-present today, to the delight of all visitors. And between its fjords, glaciers and endless unspoilt landscapes, Iceland, mythical kingdom controlled by the elves and the energy of the Arctic, is a spectacular destination.

Presented by: Jérôme Pitorin.
Directed by: Vincent Chaffard (season 14, France, 2019)
Italy, escape to Apulia

Long overshadowed by its more touristic neighbours (Tuscany, Rome, Lombardy...), Apulia is attracting increasing numbers of visitors. It is an ideal destination to discover an authentic Italy, enjoy a refined gastronomy and recharge the batteries in the heart of unspoilt nature.

Presented by: Tiga.
Directed by: Paskal André-Villa (season 14, France, 2019)
A green break in the Jura

The Jura, 5,000 km2 of forests, lakes, vines, mountains. A diversity of landscapes that are the source of innumerable possible activities for the 260,000 Jurassians who live there. We meet some of the French whose home environment, with its thousand different facets, offers them so many perspectives.

Presented by: Sophie Jovillard
Directed by: Laurent Lichtensztajn (season 14, France, 2019)
The wide open spaces of Mongolia

For years Mongolia lived withdrawn from the world, held in the vice-like grip of communist Russia. But, since 1992, it's become one of Asia's most sought-after destinations. With a population of only three million occupying a surface area of 1.566 million km², wild unspoilt nature dominates, forever and always...

Presented by: Ismaël Khelifa
Directed by: Franck Poirier (season 14, France, 2019)