Cap Sud-Ouest

( Season 2019 )
From Poitou-Charentes to the Basque country, and from Limousin to the Pyrenees via the Atlantic coast, discover a remarkable site in Nouvelle-Aquitaine through novel and breathtaking images taken from an unusual angle by a camera mounted on a drone.


Limoges, art through fire and passion

We head for Limoges, capital of fine porcelain, a city with an exceptional industrial and artisanal heritage. Pressing, bisque-firing, decoration, enamelling and heritage, from working class history to contemporary creation... Éric Perrin invites us to discover arts dating back a thousand years and ancestral skills that are totally modern.

Presented by: Éric Perrin.
The Corniche Basque, unique and fragile

We discover one of the Aquitaine coast's treasures: the Corniche Basque. Eight kilometres of coastal cliffs free of any recent construction. This protected three hundred and sixty-hectare area is the pride of the three districts watching over it: Ciboure, Urrugne and Hendaye.

Presented by: Éric Perrin.
Charente-Maritime, the sea folk

Éric Perrin takes us to Charente-Maritime to meet the sea folk, from the Pertuis sea to the Ile d'Oléron. An area of extraordinary heritage and environmental sites where oyster farmers, shellfish gatherers and mussel breeders all work.

Presented by: Éric Perrin.