Une vie de chat

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1 hr 1 min
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Dino, a cat, spends his days with Zoé, aged 7. At night, he climbs across the rooftops of Paris with Nico, an accomplished burglar. One day, Zoé surprises Costa, the killer of her father who was a policeman. Helped by Dino and Nico, she sets off in pursuit of him...

Directed by: Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli (France, Belgium, 2010)
Voices: Dominique Blanc (Jeanne), Bruno Salomone (Nico), Jean Benguigui (Victor Costa), Bernadette Lafont (the nanny), Oriane Zani (Zoé), Patrick Ridremont (a gangster)
Genre: animation
Awards: numerous nominations (2011: César, Berlinale, Annecy festival, San Sebastian festival, Oscars 2012)