Très bien, merci

Très bien, merci

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1 hr 41 min
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Alex is an accountant, and Béatrice a taxi driver. They enjoy a peaceful and uneventful life as a couple until the evening that Alex gets himself entangled with the police during an identity check. A relentless and absurd chain of events follows, with Alex quickly finding himself at the police station, out of a job and in a psychiatric clinic. A clinic in which the real lunatics are not those we would expect...

Directed by: Emmanuelle Cuau (France, 2006)
Cast: Sandrine Kiberlain (Béatrice), Gilbert Melki (Alex), Olivier Cruveiller (Landier), Christophe Odent (Alex's boss), Nathalie Akoun-Cruveiller (Doctor Pachot) and Frédéric Pierrot (the houseman)
Genre: dramatic comedy