Toi non plus tu n'as rien vu

Toi non plus tu n'as rien vu

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1 hr 33 min
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Claire and Sophie were at university together before going on to become lawyers. When Claire is accused of the attempted murder of a child under the age of 15, Sophie takes on her defence. But how did Claire, already the mother of two, not realise that she was pregnant again?

Directed by: Béatrice Pollet (France, 2021)
Cast: Maud Wyler (Claire Morel), Géraldine Nakache (Sophie Beauvois), Grégoire Colin (Thomas Morel), Roman Kolinka (Paul), Fanny Cottençon (Émilie Morel), Pascale Vignal (Pascale), Pascal Demolon (the investigating judge), Ophélia Kolb (the prosecutor)
Genre: drama