Souvenirs d'en France

Souvenirs d'en France

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1 hr 33 min
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France in the 1930s. Eldest son of a bourgeois family Hector intends to marry Berthe, a laundress. His mother opposes the marriage but the patriarch, himself the son of Spanish immigrants and who started from nothing, sees in her the authority and charisma needed to successfully run the family factory.

Directed by: André Téchiné (France, 1975)
Screenplay by: André Téchiné, Marilyn Goldin
Cast: Jeanne Moreau (Berthe), Marie-France Pisier (Régina), Michel Auclair (Hector), Orane Demazis (Augustine Pedret), Claude Mann (Prosper), Julien Guiomar (Victor), Aram Stephan (Pedret), Hélène Surgère (Lucie), Michèle Moretti (Pierrette)
Genre: dramedy